I bring industry foresight and leadership education together, because executive education is all about preparing leaders for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities, and futures thinking is the educative path to leadership acumen for a changing world. Predicting is pointless, and planning is dead: good leaders learn their way to the future.

Exec Ed Design & Development: Working as program director or academic director in association with clients and education providers, I create bespoke executive development courses and experiences, and manage their delivery and evaluation.

Strategy & Foresight Faculty: As an academic, my terrain is industry and strategic foresight, including trend work, systems thinking, design thinking, and scenario planning, which I teach at graduate and executive level.

Advisory Services: Providing analysis and best-practices for education providers building custom leadership programming, or for purchasers of Exec Ed seeking better investment outcomes. See Quaternary Education Company and Executive Education Expertise.

EdTech and Learning Innovation: I’m closely involved in the evolving education field and its new models, and write and speak and run workshops in this area. More at Forbes.com.

Global Leadership: With my particular background and life story, I often work on projects across developed and emerging markets, and am a relative specialist in this.